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Welcbooksome to Banadir State University (BSU). The university is the gateway to realize your dreams and aspirations. The university management is ready to serve and assist you to attain your educational goals and maintain your intended objectives to realize better and bright future. It has made available all your learning needs in a health environment that supports you to acquire a culture of maintaining excellence in all your endeavors and acquire necessary life skills.

The university is committed to respond to all your concerns professionally and support you to obtain the highest educational standards. BSU University is composed nine faculties, four departments and four centers of expertise and research studies. Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa. Its ten million people are united by common language, culture and Islamic faith.

The land inhabited by the Somalis was divided by the colonial powers into five parts. In 1960, two of these territories, namely, former Italian and British colonies, united and formed the independent Somali Republic. More than five decades have passed since the promulgation of Somalia as a nation-state. However, Somalia has failed to establish stable state institutions capable of coping with the problems and challenges of the social and economic developments.