BanadirState University Policy:

  BanadirState University follows non-discriminatory policy and admits students irrespective of their clan, gender, religion or political affiliation. The university treats all students equally and stands for the highest moral and academic standards. Admissions are done strictly on merit basis. Students submit required documents with their application that indicate their first and second choice of specialization. After the admission test, students are placed either in their first choice or their second choice. It mainly depends the number of students apply for the specific program and available space in the different faculties and departments according to the plan of the university.

Student ID Card:

After the admission of the student, he/she shall receive student ID card of the university.  This ID will used to enter MU campus, classes and library. Students should show it when requested and this ID is the property of the university.


MU Students get access to their grades online anytime anywhere with Fedena System.

Cultural week & Orientation:

After the admission, students that were dealing with the Admission and Enrollment Office will meet with the Student Affair’s Office. This office begins its activity with the cultural and orientation week. It welcomes new MU students in the beginning of the academic year and provides information and advices.  The new students are invited to participate in a seven days cultural week and orientation that is held annually a week before the beginning of the first semester. This program provides new students to become acquainted with the university, its campus, library, and teaching and administrative staffs. The orientation period introduces students to their academic programs, library and facilities.

Seminars & Workshops:

The student’s office organizes seminars and workshops for the students. The aim is to develop student’s leadership, moral reasoning, social intelligence, and other skills required in their lives. Thus, students are encouraged to participate in the activities. Such activities also cater for intellectual and social interactions among the students’ community. The office helps the students in all matters that students may have difficulty with, by providing information, guidance, and counseling. All matters discussed on personal level are treated with confidence. The office also puts into effective any other matter that will enhance the quality and habitability of the student such as games, sporting etc.

Financial Aid:

Considering the financial difficulties, the university offers a variety of scholarships for the students in accordance with a set of policies and procedures. These policies are aimed to promote and encourage academic excellence and competitiveness among students.

Code of Conduct & Ethics:

The University is committed to the ethical principles of scholastic honesty. Its members are expected to abide by the ethical standards both in their conduct and in their exercise of responsibility towards other members of the university community. Any student who violates the Code of Conduct and Ethics will be subject to sanctions up to and including dismissal from the university.  A Student accused of a violation is granted an impartial hearing by the designated committee.